The biggest Bulgarian hospital for women health MBAL “NADEZHDA” chose K-systems IVF equipment to help it in giving to infertility couples the joy to hug their babies.



The women health hospital provides to the families complete medical care from conception to birth, monitoring of pregnancy and treatment of pathological conditions that can occur during pregnancy, prenatal diagnosis of the fetus.


During the last several years NADEZHDA holds the leading position in the treatment of infertility by assisted reproductive technologies, taking over 50% market share and the highest pregnancy rate of 38 % among twenty-six centers of Reproductive Health in Bulgaria.


Estimated 1 300 babies are being born each year as result of the expertise provided by the physicians and the embryologists in the center.


The core of its success is highly professional treatment care in a comfortable, modern environment and of course high quality equipment.


Since its opening in January 2013, hospital’s IVF departments was equipped with 15 K-systems workstations and 3 benchtop incubators, installed in IVF, Andrology, Research, Genetics, Immunology Laboratories and Tissue Bank.


To meet its specific needs, Embryology Lab rely on K-systems new generation L126MP IVF dual workstations with light source, built-in monitor and the comfort of integrated anti-vibration table.



The three K-systems benchtop incubators in the Lab are organized in G185 Stacking system giving the opportunity to save space and allowing central monitoring.


The preferred workstation models for the Andrology, Research and Immunology Labs are L126 and L124, which except all standard features are both with optional built-in monitors, while the Genetics Lab and the hosted in the hospital Tissue Bank use L226 workstation.



The high quality equipment is irreplaceable and valuable part of the laboratory by facilitating the work of biologists and is an investment that benefits in time.

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