Cleaning and disinfection guidance

As a manufacture of Workstations and Benchtop incubators for IVF laboratories, K-Systems has tested the cleaning and disinfection procedure we recommend the customer to perform, as a part of the maintenance of K-System equipment.

The Danish Technological Institute, Laboratory for Chemistry and Microbiology, has performed the tests, which validated the recommended cleaning, and disinfection procedure for the K-Systems equipment.
The procedure for cleaning and disinfection of K-Systems equipment was validated against the bacteria spore Bacillus Subtilis,( ATCC 6633) and the filamentous fungus Aspergillus Brasiliensis (listed as ATCC 16404).) which were found to be the most relevant microorganisms in the category of airborne fungal and bacterial spors (EN 13704:2002  and AAMI TIR12:2010).
FDA approved both selection of microorganisms and procedure.
The cleaning procedure demonstrated a reduction in viable CFU of ≥ 3 log10 units for both bacterial spores and for airborne fungus and the disinfection procedure demonstrate a reduction in viable counts ≥ 5 log10-units for both bacterial spores and for airborne fungus.
K-Systems recommends the below procedure for maintenance of workstations and benchtop incubators.
In case of contamination and/or spillage, moisten a cloth with sterile water and wipe internal surfaces of the workstation/ Incubator.
Daily maintenance
1.  Moisten a cloth with sterile water and wipe internal surfaces of the workstation/Incubator
2.  Wipe all internal surfaces of the workstation/Incubator with sterile wipes moist with a 0.12 % active
     chlorine disinfection solution.
3.  Leave it for 15 min. The solution will be active even when it is dry.
4.  Wipe all disinfected surfaces with a sterile cloth moist with purified or sterile water.
5.  After cleaning, let the workstation/ Incubator ventilate for sufficient time to ensure that all fumes have
It is not recommended to use alcohol solutions for the daily cleaning as alcohol contain VOCs.
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