G185 Long Term Flat Bed Incubator

Experience the K-SYSTEMS innovative Long Term IVF Incubator for optional environment conditions for embryos. An unique space saving stacking system makes the IVF incubator an attractive alternative to conventional incubators.


More than 1000 installations worldwide

  • Low gas consumption and low cost operation with integrated CO₂ / N₂ gas mixer
  • Grade A air quality circulates through HEPA/VOC filter and UV light
  • Temperature stability - 6 separate sensors to control and regulate temperature
  • Extensive data logging and alarm system




G185 has received Nemko certification  - ENC 61010


G185 are CE approved as Medical Device MDD Class IIA



Options G185 SensorTech

  • Prepared for PH Monitoring online sensor unit
    • Resolution 0.01 pH
    • Accuracy +/- 0.03 pH
  • Prepared for external CO₂ and temperature sensors for enhanced quality control
  • Improved temperature characteristics
  • Log & Guard Controller
    • Collects data for permanent storage
    • Provide alarming options by SMS
    • Provide web based user interface


Catalogue 2016-17

Brochure G185 Long Term Flat Bed incubator and Stacking System


Short electronic brochure: G185 Flip Page brochure

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G185 Long Term Incubator Order Code: 22400 Standard


G185 Long Term Incubator Order Code: 22200 SensorTech



Specifications G185 Standard G185 SensorTech
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 850x558x152.5 850x558x152.5
Weight 38 kg. 38 kg.
Temperature range ambient to 42.9 °C 42.9 °C
CO₂ / O₂ range 2-10% / 2-20% 2-10% / 2-20%
Gas consumption 0.7 l/h CO₂ & 7 l/h of N₂ 0.7 l/h CO₂ & 7 l/h of N₂
Recovery time CO₂ < 2 min.
O₂ < 4 min.
CO₂ < 2 min.
O₂ < 4 min.
Data logger software - alarm functions Yes Yes
Option PH Monitoring Yes
Option external CO₂ sensors Yes
Option external temp. sensors Yes


User Manuals
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User Manual G185, UK


Manual del usuario incubadora G185, ES


Uživatelská příručka Inkubátor G185,CZ

Benutzerhandbuch G185 Inkubator, DE


Manuel d'utilisation Incubateur G185, FR


Manuale d’uso Incubatore G185, IT


Gebruikershandleiding G185-incubator, NL


Incubator plan pentru incubație de lungă durată CO2/O2

G185-incubator, RO


G185-inkubator Långtids-flatbäddsinkubator, SV


G185-inkubator Långtids-flatbäddsinkubator, NO


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