G210 InviCell & G210 InviCell Plus

Long Term Incubator

Combining optimal embryo Growth with advanced user control


  • Defining, Creating, Monitoring and constantly sustaining the optimal environment for human embryos 
  • Thoughtful design and advanced user control options make everyday Work with the G210 effective, safe and comfortable
  • With its compact size, low daily running costs and the option of a stacking system the G210 is the ideal solution for a busy Clinic


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G210 InviCell passed the MEA test at an independent US laboratory with 100% positive results



Incubator Technology

taken to the next level

Zero electro-magnetic fields around your embryos with non-inductive EM Neutra tm technology

  1. Emulate the natural cycle of basal body temperature with the advanced software based heating technology
  2. Advanced user interface with dedicated security system
  3. Even distribution of gas with algorithm controlled unidirectional gas flow system
  4. K-Link tm - Extensive Ethernet based monitoring


G210 InviCell Order Code: 59500


G210 InviCell Plus Order Code: 60000

Incubator Control at your fingertips



G210 InviCell Plus


This incubator further expands on the unique features of the G210 InviCell incubator by adding the following functionality:

  • Prepared for pH Online continuous pH measurements
  • Prepared for independent external gas monitoring
  • Prepared for independent external temperature monitoring



Brochure G210 InviCell Long Term incubator


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Brochure G210 InviCell, online flip page brochure


Specifications G210 InviCell G210 InviCell Plus
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 860x550x170 860x550x170
Weight 45 kg. 46 kg.
Temperature range ambient to 42.9oC 42.9oC
CO₂ / O₂ range 2-10% / 2-20% 2-10% / 2-20%
Connection to 100% CO2 and 100% N2 Yes Yes
Gas consumption (Typically) 1 l/h CO₂& 5 l/h N₂ 1 l/h CO₂& 5 l/h N₂
Datalogger system - K-Link  Yes Yes
External Alarm Port Yes Yes
Power consumption Max: 270 W 
Avg: 65 W chamber 37oC
Max: 270 W 
Avg: 65 W chamber 37oC
Ambient humidity and temperature Max 75% RH & 20-30oC Max 75% RH & 20-30oC
Heating plates NUNC/Falcon/Vitrolife NUNC/Falcon/Vitrolife
Prepared for pH No Yes
Prepared for external monitoring No CO2 + Temperature
No of temperature sensors 11 21


User Manuals
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User Manual G210, UK


Ръководство за потребителя Инкубатор G210, BG


Uživatelská příručka Inkubátor G210, CS


Manual del usuario incubadora G210, ES

Benutzerhandbuch G210 Inkubator, DE


Εγχειρίδιο χρήσης Επωαστήρας G210, EL


Manuel d'utilisation Incubateur G210, FR


Manuale d'uso Incubatore G210 InviCell, IT


Lietotāja rokasgrāmata G210 inkubators, LV


Brukerhåndbok G210 inkubator, NO


Användarhandbok G210 inkubator, SV


Brugervejledning G210 inkubator, DA



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