IVF Workstation

Two clinics do not need the same solution!!
They need the right one!!.
Let’s find the right solution for your clinic!!

K-systems Workstations offers you more than 500 varieties.

Contact you local dealer to get exactly the solution to your needs.

IVF Workstations 100 Series

IVF Workstations configurable to customer needs.

IVF Workstations 200 Series Class II

IVF Workstations for maximum protection of the operator against hazardous or potentially hazardous microorganisms according to EN12469.

IVF Workstations 400 Series

Low cost entry level IVF Workstations with limited number of options.

IVF Work Chamber G603

IVF Workstations in an isolated system that has limited/no interaction with its external environment offering natural environment.


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