IVF Workstations 100 Series

IVF Workstations configurable to customer needs


  • The air flow is filtered through a VOC prefilter and HEPA filter to ensure filtered Grade A air quality
  • HEPA filter classification H-14 according to DIN EN 1822 removes at least 99.995 % of all airborne particles down to 0.3 microns.
  • ALU Heat System with 3 individual temperature sensors to ensure high temperature stability  at +/- 0.4 oC over the work area (6 sensors in L126 Dual)
  • Incorporated K-SYSTEMS Heated Glass Stage at temperature stability +/-0.7 oC
  • Airflow 0.32 m/s
  • Integrated Humidified Gas System
  • Operator and ergonomically friendly
  • Various optional features

Vertical Laminar Air Flow and Low Noise Level 51 dB

Air is taken in from the back of the workstation and passed through a VOC and a HEPA filter. The filtered air is then passed through the main chamber in a vertical laminar (unidirectional) air stream before being exhausted through the front opening.

Product range:


We also supply workstations (Andrology Stations) without heated surface and no preparation for microscopes.

The front of the table top has been shaped with rounded edge. This ergonomically shaped edge is made to avoid pressure points on the arms of the operator during microscopy.

A Control Panel is Integrated into the table plate, giving easy access to Fan switch, Alarms, Heat and temperature settings, Timer function and more.


Product Catalogue 2016-17


L124 IVF Workstation


L126 IVF Dual Workstation


L126 MP IVF Workstation


L125 IVF Workstation


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