L234 CellTouch

The Next Generation Class II Workstation

L234 CellTouch gives protection to both your samples and to the operator

New improved Air Flow

As a Class II cabinet the air flow pattern complies with EN 12469. A number of strategically placed cut outs ensure increased and correct air intake. Along with a new improved fan technology this ensures a high down flow with a average flow rate above 0.30 m/s (required 0.25).

The new Alu Heat System minimizes sensitivity to air flow and room temperature

The heat distribution is controlled in 5 heating zones, and with the new Edge Enhancement system, cold edges are minimized when strong air flow is used.
Each heating zone is individually calibrated to ensure a uniform heat distribution.
The unique Alu Heat system ensures excellent heat transfer and avoids temperature overshoot.

The Integrated indicator provides constant assurance that the temperature is correct.



Standard features:



Brochure L234 Celltouch

See page 29 Product Catalouge 2016-17


L234 CellTouch Order Code: 59000


It's not just a touchscreen

Monitor your heat zones
Each individual heating zones is easily calibrated and monitored.

Follow the trend and open the log
The log interval is 30 seconds and the graph shows the last 3 hours.

Quickly respond to problems (alarms)

  • The alarm will be activated:
  • If the heat zone's temperature is too high or too low 
  • If the airflow is too low
  • When the HEPA filter needs to be checked
  • If the system detects an error

Energy Saving
Programmable timers for different settings each day of the week.

Keep your unit healthy - never forget maintenance
Detailed reminders for servicing, changing filters ect.

Avoid unauthorized changes to setup parameters
Password protected at 3 levels: User, Advanced user and Super user.

Record of changes to settings
Log shows the last 100 changes including their date, time and user.

Critical components tested to the limit
(UL approved EN61010, comply EN/ISO 12469)
Reliable for many years to come.


Specifications L234 CellTouch
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 1246x735x2020 mm
Weight 250 kg.
Table size 1225x490 mm
Standard Working Height 835 mm - 860 mm
Average Down Flow rate 0,30 m/s
Microscope position Optional. Left or right side
AluHeat Technology Electrically controlled heating system with edge enhancement
User interface Touch screen
User interface functions Digital temperature and flow read-out, internal and external datalogger, temperature setpoint, cali­bration, timer, alarms, warning for next service
Connections Main switch, mains, CO2 gas, Ethernet, alarm
Alarms Visual and audible alarm for out of range temperature and air velocity.
Main HEPA Filter Classification H-14
Exhaust Filter (HEPA) H14
Sound Level 57 ± 2 dB(A)
IP class IP30
Interior light T8 15W cool White
Conformity EN 12469, UL approved

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