Optional Features

Build-in Monitor, Micro Incubator and Pass Through Tunnel



Fully Sealed 19" high resolution monitor.


  • An excellent tool for viewing, training and education.
  • The viewing panel of glas is designed to non disturbance of the air flow and easy to clean. 
  • The monitor supports most of the signals coming from modern digital cameras and supports DVI, HDMI as well as analog signals.
  • Connect the monitor to your external PC and you bring the pictures right into your office or meeting room.


L126 IVF Workstation with incorporated Monitor and Micro Incubator.


Micro Incubator

Build-in 15 ltr Micro Incubator

To optimize your Work conditions inside the Work area, and to reduce the frequency of opening of large CO₂ incubators, a 15 ltr Micro Incubator can be an Integrated part of your Workstation.

The Micro Incubator has two shelfs and a two level alarm system. As an option a glass inner door can be supplied.

Heated Pass Through Tunnel

To improve the Work flow and to reduce the time of handling oocytes in an unheated and unstable environment, the Heated Pass Through Tunnel is a great alternative to a hatch in the door between the aspiration room and the embryo lab.

The Heated Pass Through Tunnel is made of stainless steel with Integrated heating elements and top hinged polycarbonate lid.

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