Stands for IVF Workstations

Ergonomic elevation support stand for your IVF Workstation.

The K-SYSTEMS® Support Stand with Electrical Adjustable Height will offer you maximum comfort, either sitting or standing


  • Adjust the work height exactly to your need with this smooth non-step elevation system
  • A simpel touch at the buttom will adjust precisely the work height in the range of: 790-1110 mm
  • Stability and safety developed in accordance with EN 61010 assures high stability also at highest elevation level
  • The use of high quality components ensures the highest level of usability
  • Compatible with existing 100 and 200 series Workstations (except MP and ICSI versions)


Stand with shelf for computer for your IVF Workstation

Integration of the computer in the support stand of your Workstation will offer you several advantages.

  • More easy cleaning under and around the Workstation
  • Cables and fittings becomes integrated part of the support stand
  • No more loose hanging cables
  • All details prepared to ensure a high level of usability



Integrated Keyboard Shelf

  • Can be integrated into workstations in the L100 and L400 series (except L124 ICSI).
  • Can be reinstalled on all Workstations in the L100 and L400-series, manufactured after 2010 (exceptL124 ICSI).
  • Integrates with both Standard Stand, Electrical Adjustable Stand and Stand with Shelf.
  • Many different positions depending on the client's needs
  • Max load 10 kg
  • Combined with Stand with Shelf it represents the perfect solution for PC.

Shelf surface area: 418 x 313 mm (Length x Breadth).
Height of shelf including mounting brackets: 107 mm.
Distance from top of shelf to lower surface of the table: Approx 70 mm.

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