QC Devices

Devices specially designed to fulfill the requirements of QC, QA and ISO regulations.


CO₂and O₂Gas Analyzer

Hand-held gas analyser specifically designed to monitor CO₂/O₂  for verification of incubators. Provide the user with a fast, simple to use and accurate piece of laboratory kit.


  • Quick verification of CO₂ incubator levels
  • Measures O₂ and CO₂ + O₂ combined
    (CO₂: 0-20% ; O₂: 0-100%)
  • Large data storage and user friendly software and download with USB lead (optional)
  • Easy to read large well lit display


Technical specifications:  Gas analyzer


Battery life 10 Hours (8 hours with pump)
Gases Measured CO₂ By custom dual wawelength infrared with reference channel
O₂ By internal electrochemical cell
Data entry format ITS90 and CvD for calibrated probes: or EN 60751 for un-calibrated probes
Oxygen cell lifetime Approximately 3 years in air

CO₂   0-20%

O₂   0-100%

Measurements Accuracy Gas CO₂  Accuracy: ± (1% range + 2% of reading) at reference conditions 1
Pressure dependence: ± 0.02% of reading / hPa (typical at 5% CO₂)
O₂   ± 1.0% Full Scale @ constant temperature and pressure
Response time T90 CO₂ < 20 seconds

< 60 seconds



Order code gas analyser: 11103



Workstations - Incubators

Product Catalogue 2016-17

Precision Thermometer

High accurate handheld thermomter excellent for calibration of Workstaions and Incubators.


  • Individual calibrated probes.
  • High stability
  • Excellente system accuracy
  • Large temperature range



Order code thermometer F100: 11010


Range -200 °C to +850 °C
Accuracy +/- 0.02% (+/- 20mK)
Resolution 0.001 °C
Probe types Pt100 and Pt25 resistance thermometers plus NTC thermistors.

Solid Temperature Sensor

Designed for accurate and reliable temperature
measurement to ensure a precise calibration of all Incubators and Workstations including G210 InviCell.


Order code Solid Temperature sensor: 11006

Stainless steel sensor top:
Durable and resistant to the use of chemical substances

Copper sole:
Ensures fast and stable heat transmission and measuring integration

Pt100 sensor:
Reliable and accurate measurement


Flat cable:
Enables accurate temperature measurement with closed lid (Incubators)

Short response Time:
Obtains stable temperature within:

  • 5 minutes (from room temperature)
  • 3 minutes (between incubator chambers)

Measured at the chamber bottom


Round Sensor Probe

Probe for accurate and reliable temperature
Measurement. For all types of Workstations and Incubators (Not G210 InviCell)


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