Warming Blocks

To maintain an preserve the temperature in the media during operation, a wide range of warming blocks for dishes, tubes and syrings are available. The warming blocks can either be used in workstations, incubators, warming plates, dry bath incubators, incubator hoods etc.


  • Easy and safe handling of tubes and culture dishes


Product range:

Warming Blocks for Tubes:


B01 Ø17 mm

Order code: 26001

B03 Ø12 mm

Order code: 26003

B04 Ø23.5 mm

Order code: 26004

B06 Ø12 mm

Order code: 26006

B08 Ø17 mm

Order code: 26008

B09 Ø17 mm

Order code: 26018


Warming Blocks for Culture Dishes:



Order code: 26059


Order code: 26060


Order code: 26027


Order code: 26028


Order code: 26031


Order code: 26029


Order code: 26030



Product Catalogue 2016-17


Product range:

Standard Accessories SA101
Content: B01, B09, B25, B28, B40, B41, G101, G102, G103
For workstations L124 IVF, L125 IVF, L126 IVF, L126MP

Standard Accessories SA102
Content: 2xB01, B09, B25, B28, B40, B41, 2xG101, G102, 2xG103
For workstations L126 IVF Dual

Standard Accessories SA103
Content: B01, B09, B25, B28, B40, G01, G02, G03
For workstations L224 IVF, L226 IVF

Standard Accessories SA104
Content: 2xB01, B09, B25, B28, B40, B41, 2xG01, 2xG02, 2xG03
For workstation L226 IVF Dual

Warming Blocks for Syringes:


B30 Each syringe 20 ml/ Ø22.5 mm

Order code: 26013

B35 Each syringe 10 ml/ Ø18 mm

Order code: 26058


Warming Blocks for Media Flasks:


B40 125 ml


Order code: 26055

B41 2x60 ml

Order code: 53338

B43 4x10 ml

Order code: 53340

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