Warming Plates - T45 & T47

Elegant Warming plates with integrated control panel.

The compact design and integrated control panel makes the T45 and T47 an excellent solution for heat transfer in a busy IVF Clinic.

The warming plates can be used for maintaining the temperature of sperm samples during analysis and for keeping follicular fluid and oocytes at 37°C during oocyte pickup.

Warming plates can also be used to pre-heat instruments or disposables.

The double anodized aluminum surface is extremely resistant and ensures excellent heat transfer.


T45 Order Code: 23055

T47 Order Code: 23054


  • Integrated temperature controller
  • Versatile unit as extra workspace or supplement for workstation
  • The easy to read temperature is extremely precise and reliable, within the warming plate's range of ambient to 49,9 oC
  • The temperature leve is adjusted directly on the keyboard in incremnets of 0.1 oC
  • Audible and visible temperature alarms


T45 T47




Weight (with PSU) 2,4 Kg 5.2 Kg
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 282 x 356 x 10 mm 470 x 460 x 10 mm
Warmed surface area (WxD) 282 x 220 mm 470 x 400 mm
Temperature range Ambient to 49.9° C Ambient to 49.9° C
Spot temperature accuracy ±0.2° C ±0.2° C
Temperature set/read Digital LED display Digital LED display

Power consumption (Max)

45 W* 90 W*
Power consumption (Typical*) 30 W 50 W
Heating 30 W* 88 W*
PSU AC input 100-240V 50-60 Hz 1.6A
MAX DC output 24V/5A
AC input 100-240V 50-60 Hz 1.6A
MAX DC output 24V/5A


Audible and visible for out of range

Audible and visible for out of range




Warming Blocks


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